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We are Bluberi, a group of forward-thinking individuals who embrace creative thinking and innovative ideas. We are the pioneers behind the fusion of gambling and gaming, and we enthusiastically welcome fresh perspectives.

Come with us on an exciting journey towards achieving remarkable outcomes.


Bluberi® Expands Gaming Development with New Austin, TX Studio

Bluberi announces a brand-new game development studio in Austin, TX, headed by industry veteran, Mike Wabschall.

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Revolutionary Racing and Sandy’s Introduce Bluberi’s Historical Horse Racing Game, Devil’s Lock, to Kentucky

Bluberi is thrilled to announce the installation of its Historical Horse Racing (HHR) game, Devil’s Lock, marking a significant milestone for the tri-state market.

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Bluberi Marks Milestone with First Historical Horse Racing Installation at Gate City Casino

This momentous development represents a significant step forward for both Bluberi and the HHR industry, opening new horizons for players and enthusiasts.

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Change the game.

At Bluberi, we focus on one thing: bringing the wonderful world of gaming to life. Driven by passion and supported by our dedication to new ways of thinking, we develop original gaming experiences that demand attention. Inspired by our players and love of gaming, we aim to entertain by incorporating interactive technology and electrifying imagery.

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