The b.POD™ presents a vertical theater effect on the casino floor that extends player excitement from two screens to three. Boasting a 55-inch full HD 1080P monitor and dual 23-inch high-resolution monitors, the b.POD™ is best configured across a bank of four or more cabinets. Games are designed with our new cascading gameplay, which takes advantage of the b.POD’s additional 55” screen with prize announcements made on the largest top screen to attract attention to popular game features from anywhere on the casino floor.

It harmonizes easily with your casino floor using highly visible premium bank type arrangements. Standard banks, including carrousel configurations are available.

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Cabinet features

  • Monitors

    55" HD 1080P monitor & Dual 23" LCD high resolution monitors

  • Led Lights

    Interactive Led Strip

  • Sound

    Sound amplifier AMP21XP, 2x50W + 100W (SUB), 4 main door neodymium speakers with enclosed design and subwoofer

  • Power Efficiency

    Efficient power distribution unit (PDU)