Novus b27

The Novus Series™ b27 is meticulously designed from the ground up, with the new Bluberi Spider™ game board.

The Novus Series™ b27 offers unique features that attract and hold players’ attention. From the space-conscious banking and carousel options to the truly impressive wraparound screens and intelligent lighting, this revolutionary cabinet will change the way games are played.

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Cabinet features

  • Interchangeable

    Universal base cabinets with interchangeable display modules.

  • LCD Button Board

    Game is extended to the player with the LCD Button board.

  • Screens

    Two 27” LCD Full HD 1080p with Max RGB Color Enhancement.

  • Lighting

    Bluberi Novus Lighting System™ with multithemed programmable settings for attracting and immersive experiences for players.

  • Topper

    Optional or required Novus Topper™ for a more immersive experience.

  • Player Features

    Built-in USB charging and player mobile cradle